Switching Gears

Mmm, yes, sorry about the delay here, folks.  I didn’t forget about the blog, believe me, it’s something I have been thinking about a LOT.

There’s been some time off from writing – my husband and I took a road trip out to Montana for a friend’s wedding.  That is 24 hours of driving one way from Chicagoland.  Oof.   Unfortunately, on the drive we saw a lot of this.


We had an audiobook, though, so it’s cool.  Plus, when we got there, we saw some awesome things, like this.


So, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, just before I left for Montana I sent off my manuscript to a few of my awesome friends for their feedback.  I had hoped the 8 or so days would be enough time for them to at least give me a decent idea on their thoughts but, for the most part, that time was far too short.  So, since then, I’ve been more or less twiddling my thumbs, a bit antsy after having spent every day writing so suddenly sit down with nothing.

That being said, it didn’t take me long to get busy. Last Monday I started my new job as an Associate Recruiter at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  To sum it up in one word: amazing.  I love it there already. It’s even worth the 2+ hour commute every day.

So, this week past, I decided to get back on track with writing.  I’ve been researching query letter techniques, reviewing the need for agents, etc.  Then I came upon Chuck Sambuchino’s blog, and his book about a writing platform.  I honestly hadn’t even really thought about the idea and decided to pick up his book from the library.  I finished reading today and I’ve decided to take a whole new strategy to my online presence.

Basically, Sambuchino’s book, Create Your Writer Platform, recommends that authors have a media presence.  At first I felt inspired, after all, I already had this blog, but then I started to realize how amateur this blog is.  I’d like to provide insight to people and, yes, while there might be people who are interested in following my path, I think I can dedicate my energy toward something more productive.

Therefore, this blog is going to get a make-over.  I’ve already turned it more into an author website than a stand-alone blog.  But the most important revamp has to do with the content itself. I’m adjusting this blog to be it’s original intention – The Roaming Reader, not The Roaming Writer. I’m going to hone in on my book review skills and present a blog with feedback on books I’ve read.  I want to take time to read and review debut authors, help them get their own level of publicity, in addition to reading some of the bigger name titles out there.

It won’t be the only novel review site out there, but it’s something I’m good at.  Stay tuned folks, it’ll be fun.

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