Blog Revival!

Sorry for the long hiatus folks.  I could write a long essay full of excuses or I could just give one – I produced a spawn and he’s destroying my life force.


Kidding, kind of.

Anyway, I want to get back on the horse here but I’m changing tactics.  I’ve decided I don’t enjoy writing lengthy reviews and they are a bit boring to read.  Instead I want do to book lists, ie: 10 books to read on a beach, 5 books that take place on the beach, 7 books with beaches on the cover.

I need a beach vacation.

I’m taking submissions for suggested list topics – post in the comments with your ideas (and if you have books to match those lists!)



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One thought on “Blog Revival!

  1. Jolene

    Great to have you back Ashley! I love the idea of book lists. I was looking for a similar thing and stumbled upon a book called “A Year of Reading A Month-By-Month Guide to Classics and Crowd Pleasers” by Elisabeth Ellington. Each month has a different theme that is tied to the time during the year (January is a Happier Your for Resolutions; February is Classic Romance because of Valentine’s day, etc) And then there are 5 books to choose from each month from various authors that all have to do with that month’s theme. January’s choices were: The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes; Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert; Feliciity: Poems by Mary Oliver; The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman; and Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin. I have the list of all the books for each month. Let me know if you’d be interested! I also liked the idea of reading a book from every country or state. I Love me some lists 🙂

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