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Change your venue

As an unpublished writer I hesitate giving out writing advice. Still, I consider myself a writing veteran from the sheer amount of words I’ve put on a page/web page (I should really count those up some day… 12 NaNos plus 24 years of journals?) and I can tell you one thing that’s always worked for me.

Change your venue.  Go write… somewhere.  I have my hot spots – the Union Terrace in Madison, the local Starbucks (though that’s more a lack of small coffee shops than choice), even my couch.  Still, I do it different with some common elements. I have my computer and my music.  But my scenery changes. I can watch people, I can look at the sky, the trees.  Sometimes I take in a lot of caffeine or, today, a couple of beers.

Whatever you do, get a feel for your writing from different angles.  It’s the best shot you have at seeing it from someone else’s eyes.

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Sometimes time gets in the way

At the end of June, I quit my job.  I walked into work as a Career Advisor for unemployed people in northern Cook County, handed in my resignation, and less than two weeks later I was breathing sweet, fresh, free air.

I left because I wasn’t happy there.  There were a lot of reasons why I wasn’t happy there and I’ll spare you the pages and pages of rants I have in my journal.  Let’s just say, I loved working with the clients, but the “system” had its… quirks.

So, now joining the ranks of those unemployed shmucks, I decided to have myself a good old fashioned summer vacation.  My husband is awesome and decided to support me as I job searched and focused on something I’ve never focused on before – writing.  Out of nowhere I had hours and hours available to me where I could sit, write, figure out my story and create something wonderful and beautiful.

However, have you ever had a lot of time on your hands?  Ever noticed thinking you have “all day” to do something is exactly when you never get it done? I’ve been thinking this whole time about how much time a month is, how I am so motivated during November and I’ve pounded out novels around college and jobs and just life in general.

But, not halfway through July, I’ve only “completed” about 3/4 of Viva Las Vegas… and that’s just with my own editing. I’ve had one other set of eyes on it for suggestions and only for the first 1/4 of the chapters.  Still, I’ve made good strides and can honestly say I’ve worked on my story almost every day.

Yet, you know what’s worse?  Reaching that halfway point and all of a sudden having what’s left of your time disintegrate before your eyes.  When I quit, I told myself I wouldn’t start work again until August.  My husband and I have a road trip planned for a friend’s wedding and I thought it would work out well if I just didn’t work until after that.  But I’ve already turned down one offer to keep looking and I just got another one in today – and they want me in July.  I haven’t decided anything yet but it looks like my dreams to write, and to have a legit summer vacation, and finally over.

Crapola.  Why did I waste the first half of July?  PS – did I mention this job offer would require me to go back to school again for my graduate degree?  And it’s an hour and a half commute? Which means my husband and I will need to move up our plans to move closer to the city? Oh yeah, getting published will be totally easy with that on my plate.

Then again, if I’ve learned anything from NaNo – less time, more productivity.

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I read this on today.

It’s hard to dedicate yourself to an idea. For me, writing has already been a tide in my life – there have been times that I had written every day. I’ve also gone 11 months straight without sketching a single word outside of my journal. I’ve made it a habit to put writing aside to my life.

I keep coming to the word “failure” as a point of inspiration. I can’t let the mountain of daunting tasks (finishing my novel, editing my novel to the point of “completion,” marketing my novel, etc) deter me from trying. I’ve decided to make it happen. I’m going to use July to make it happen.

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